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Lure and order

Between balancing the professional hustle and nailing family life, the modern women never stops. The question is, can you ever truly have it all? 

We believe that with the right tools, practical, actionable advice, and a community of like-minded Chief Edge Officers, the answer is - absolutely. Through intelligent design and smart, interactive content, we at Edge Elements have crafted the ultimate planning and organizational tools for women ready to take back control of their lives. 

Edge Elements is committed to elevating the life of the modern woman through an environment based on empowerment, and friendship - giving you the tools you need to positively influence every aspect of your life.

So now its time to meet the CEO Sara Al-Tarkait, thats me, I'm a Kuwaiti women and a mother of two. Started my career in the financial sector in 2008 in the mist of the financial crisis, which I've learned a lot from. I always strived to have my own business but struggled to find the right idea. It took me seven years and two failed businesses to reach to the conclusion of what I loved to do every time and that is Planning and Finances. Now I'm working at an investment company as a Wealth Manager and recently working on a secret project, I promise I will let you know soon about it, also handling Edge Elements and my aim is to help as much women as possible to reach their Financial Independence.