You’ve made the first step towards aligning every aspect of your life to realize your wildest dreams and aspirations.


It is a method designed to delve much deeper than any other planner to actually set a plan for your Financial Freedom


Will guide you on a journey towards self-discovery allowing you to understand your fundamental beliefs and aspirations, and build on them for the future you deserve.


There are no hard and fast rules here - the key is to let your imagination wander, get creative, and allow your thoughts and dreams to spill out onto the page in front of you.


Stay focused on your dreams by working on your plan but remember, there’s no wrong way to do it. It’s your life, and your choice - we’re just helping you reach a better one.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Who this is for

If you believe you were born for greatness, have grand personal and professional ambitions, and believe in empowering other women to do the same, then we have a planner that will help you.

You’ll be guided through our three elements - life, work and finances - to break down on a granular level exactly what you want, and how to get there.

Welcome to Edge Elements.

How We Are Different

We’ve elevated the concept of traditional planners to offer you a true partner on your day-to-day journey.

We’ve integrated practical tips and intelligent advice within our planner to ensure that you’re able to truly define your “bigger picture”. With our planner, you’ll have the chance to write creatively on your personal goals, values and strengths, and be guided towards putting practical steps in place to achieve them.

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With our Founder  Sara Al-Tarkait a Wealth Manager who will help you setup, a step by step plan to manage your money to live a life you feel free to do what you want by achieving financial freedom